Did you receive a negative decision from the ‘UWV’?

Our firm has the knowledge and expertise to represent you, when engaged in a procedure with the UWV. Please, contact us!
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Did you receive a negative decision from the UWV?

If the UWV has decided you are no longer entitled to receive funds from the ‘Ziektewet’ and you should apply for support from the ‘WW’, or the UWV wants you to pay back your benefits and you do not agree, we can help.

Is your objection overruled and do you want to go to court?

In case of the UWV having overruled your objection and you would like legal assistance for the objection procedure, we can offer you our help. Please, contact us to find out what the possibilities are. As always our first meeting is free of charge.

Terms for an objection or appeal

Please note, that in case of a negative decision by the UWV, you only have a period six weeks to organize your objection or appeal.

Too late with the objection or appeal?

If you do not react within this period of time, the UWV decision stands, and can not be appealed!

    You can always contact us for information, no strings attached. Our first meeting is always free of charge.